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Environmental Health

The third edition of the ParisWHO simulation took place on November 16-18. About 160 participants, staff, and volunteers from 25 different nationalities and 60 universities gathered at the Sciences Po and EHESP campuses to participate in the simulation. Guest speakers included Laurent Chambaud and Alessia Lefebure (French School of Public Health), Sophie Gumy (World Health Organization), Jerome Salomon (French Ministry of Public Health), Philippe Damie (French Permanent Mission at the UN), Mathilde Pascal (Public Health France), Hannah Leckie (OECD), and Armelle Hebert (Veolia Foundation)


Health and Migration: A World Beyond Borders

The ParisWHO simulation 2016 edition was held on 23rd-25th of September on the EHESP Paris campus. This event gathered 140 students from 14 countries and 36 universities who participated in the lively discussions during the 2.5 days conference on “Health & Migration”. Guest speakers included Dr S. Santino, WHO Venice, Dr Maria Melchior, MSF Paris and a great refugee witness.


Health and Innovation: Challenging Health Inequalities and Creating Sustainable Development

The first ever ParisWHO simulation took place on September 25-27 and was hosted at the Universite Pierre & Marie Curie, offering a beautiful 360 view of Paris. This was the first simulation of its kind to be held in the beautiful city of Paris and organized by EHESP students.