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Davina is Mauritian-French, born and raised in the beautiful island of Mauritius. She had her first bachelor degree in IT from the National University of Singapore. But as travelling to discover new cultures and health has always been her passion, and wanted to learn from one of the best Health system in the World, she went for a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy in Paris, France. Since then, she has worked in the clinical field and has a keen interest in health technologies and helping to improve quality of care through reinforcement of the health systems and leaving a legacy for future generations. So she is now pursuing her Masters Degree in EHESP. Why ParisWHO? Davina participated in 2 MUN as a reporter and as a delegate in the ParisWHO 2018 edition and won Best delegate for Afro Region. She thinks that it is a formidable stepping stone to build on skills needed in Public Health and in the Global Health arena while enjoying the process at the same time!