Born and raised in England, a country fiercely proud of its socialised healthcare system, Georgia is passionate about equal access to quality healthcare. 


As part of her Anthropology BSc at University College London, Georgia enjoyed an Erasmus year at Sciences Po Paris where she began to make connections between politics, law, and the stories being told in medical ethnographies. Also during her time at UCL, she contributed to and worked on a student-led campaign to decolonise the Anthropology curriculum. 


After graduation, Georgia worked in healthcare communications, learning about behavioural sciences and pharmaceutical marketing. Now working on her MPH at EHESP, she is keen to tackle healthcare misinformation and inefficiencies, with plans to explore opportunities in healthcare management and policy-making. 


Georgia is proud to host the first online ParisWHO, and hopes to demystify the World Health Assembly process and increase her exposure to diplomacy.